When you finish your education as a certified nursing assistant, it’s time to start looking for work. But where can you work as a CNA? What are some different CNA Careers? Some of the answers are pretty obvious, but a few may be more surprising to you.

Common Places to Work as a CNA

There are a few common places to work as a CNA; they are places where you probably did your practical education and the places that are most likely to be looking for employees.

Nursing Homes/Assisted Care Living

CNA CareersNursing homes, assisted care living places, retirement homes; all places where seniors who can no longer look after themselves completely are very popular places for CNAs to work. This is because a combination of a population boom along with more and more seniors wanting more personal and friendly care to supplement their lifestyle has created a need for nursing assistants. With a continued rise in the numbers of seniors entering homes like these, the demand for nursing assistants remains fairly steady.


Another common place for CNA Careers is in a hospital, clinic or doctor’s office. Nursing assistants in this capacity aid the registered nurses and doctors and do the menial, day to day tasks. There are many nursing assistants working in this capacity and with a rise in medical work and facilities, there will always be a demand for certified nursing assistants. It is likely you will have done your practical education in a hospital as well, making it a good candidate for networking towards work. As a link to hospitals, you could end up working in:

Hospices, (helping the terminally ill), Outreach clinics, Urgent Care facility.

These are all branch outs of the same things you’d be doing in a hospital.

Surprising Places to Work as a CNA

CNA CareersAlthough the majority of people will be working in a hospital or nursing clinic, there are some other places where CNAs are in demand. If working in a hospital or nursing home isn’t for you, check out these alternatives.

Work at Home

Not at your home though; at the home of a client. Some nursing assistants go ‘freelance’ and pick up a few clients who prefer to stay at home, but still need help. Whether it be aiding in medications, doing the shopping, helping with events, or other things, many nursing assistants find that the job working for just a few clients is far more rewarding for them, both personally and financially.


Prisons are violent places and so there is a need for medical care. Nursing assistants are most often sent to do things like patch people up, administer vaccinations and other things. It’s not exactly pleasant, but some people will thrive in this environment.

Health Spas

With some spas, massage therapy places and other places where minor work is done on the body and appearance, having a nursing assistant on hand is good insurance in case something goes wrong or someone needs help. Not all massage therapy places or spas hire on CNAs, but it’s worth looking into if you want to work in this sort of place.

With a bit of research, you can turn up all sorts of CNA careers that you may be interested in. Remember, the more passionate you are about any job, the better you’ll do in it and working as a nursing assistant is no different. So do a bit of research and find just the right place for you to exercise your skills as a Certified Nursing Assistant.